So as you can see from the title, it is time to say goodbye to my long time frenemy… gluten. It is honestly getting to the point where I can barely get through a day without suffering from headaches, migraines, joint pain, crippling exhaustion, or having anxiety so high that I am borderline hyper ventilating. Now this isn’t something new that I am dealing with. It has been an unknown battle since I was a teenager and back then they didn’t really know too much about gluten intolerances. My doctor was oftentimes stumped because my blood work would come back just fine. It was only a few years ago that I figured out what was happening due to breaking out into a massive hive/rash every time I would eat something with gluten in it.

Back then when I had learned and found out, I stopped eating gluten. I did my research and I stuck to it most of the time in the beginning. It still wasn’t enough. I would still break out into a rash every time I would eat something and my headaches back then were so awful that I was getting them daily. Once I stopped eating gluten completely however, I was in the best shape of my life. I had tons of energy, I was never bloated and all my headaches were gone. I also was the most toned and the smallest that I ever was as well.

Fast forward a little here: I was living this way for about three years before I became pregnant with our little potato. While pregnant I was worried about avoiding gluten because I didn’t want my daughter to end up having an allergy to it as well, so I slowly at it. Well it turns out my entire pregnancy [and slightly after] I ate gluten without experiencing any symptoms. I never got headaches or join pains. I didn’t have any bloating aside from pregnancy bloating and no rashes in sigh. So naturally, I kept eating it thinking that it went away. I know sometimes in pregnancy that you can have allergies either go away completely or temporarily. After I had my daughter I had made the decision to nurse her…and once again was worried about stopping my gluten intake. I decided to keep eating gluten and see how it would go throughout our nursing journey.

Needless to say gluten did one heck of a number on my body in these two short years. [See above] I am not sure if it would have made any difference had I taken the gluten free route while pregnant. I am not sure if my daughter would have ended up with an allergy or not. Now that I am experiencing symptoms again and experiencing them ten fold it is time that I say goodbye to the gluten. I honestly think the only thing that I would miss a lot is probably Asian noodles.

Be sure to stay tuned for future posts relating to my gluten free journey, from progress, to tops, to recipes. If you are taking the gluten free route in life as well I would love to hear from you. I would love to hear about your story, your struggles, and your victories along the way. 

Until next time, take care.


2 thoughts on “BYE GLUTEN! YA GOTTA GO.

  1. i went gluten free about 6 weeks ago, and i haven’t felt this good since college! no painful bloating, fewer headaches, less anxiety, less aches and pains, and my adult acne has even gone away! Wish i’d done this years ago.


    1. I know isn’t it such a great feeling???? I can’t wait to get back off of the gluten and go back to how I was feeling before. ❤️ Good job to you girl! It is really hard for alot of people to stick to it but I am glad you are and you are feeling better!!!

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