HELLO 2019! HELLO F+F!!!

Hello, Hello! Welcome back and Happy New Year! As 2018 ended I thought to myself about how much I am looking forward to 2019. For more then one reason of course, but there are a lot of changes coming to Shauna LeAnn Blogs in 2019 and I cannot wait to share them with you!

The Changes to Come:

Five months ago I had finally taken my first steps into the blogging world knowing that I was jumping in blindly. I picked Shauna LeAnn Blogs as my name because honestly I wasn’t sure where my blog would take me and I didn’t want to pick a name out until I knew officially what I would be passionate to post about. Originally… I intended to try out a motherhood blog as that is my life. I was working part time, taking care of my daughter every other moment, and going through the joys and hardships of the various aspects of being a mother. However… no matter what I did or how many times I would write a post, I never would publish it. I would write a post, dislike it, and then delete it. The cycle continued until eventually I stopped trying. The thing was… I just didn’t find any joy from the content that I was trying to create and I ended up feeling like I was forcing myself to write. In the end I realized that a motherhood blog just isn’t for me.

Let’s jump ahead to now:

In the past five months of blogging however, I truly have grown and discovered what I am truly passionate about. 2019 I feel with be a huge year for growth in my life and I will experience many changes. I feel however that I couldn’t be more ready! With that being said.. let’s talk about all of the changes that you will be seeing to Shauna LeAnn Blogs this year:

First Thing…

A new domain coming in June/July! As I mentioned above, I originally created Shauna LeAnn Blogs to dip my toes into blogging. I knew that more than likely by the time a year came around (and my contract) I would have a better sense of where I wanted to take my blog, as well as have a name picked out that is suited to my content. While I won’t exactly say what my new name will be quite yet…(we have about 6 months) what I will say is that there will be a future post shortly before the change over to give you all updates about the changes being made along with the new name and all of the links involved with my website and social media. I will be transferring over any of my posts from here that are fitting to what I will be blogging about in the future.

Second Thing…

Reformatting old blog posts! In previous blog posts, I used all capitals(letters) to stay consistent with the rest of my font format on my website… however after playing around I realized that personally I prefer proper font format. I think that this will be easier to read as well for some. I plan on redoing previous blog posts so that they correspond with future posts as well. If any corrections are needed, I will be making the proper changes as well.

Third Thing… 

Changes to previous recipes! As stated above I will be changing the font format to all previous blog posts. This applies to recipes of course, however I do plan to go back into past posts and update (simplify) some of the recipes a bit. I have hopes in the future to better my photography for photos in 2019. If so, I will update recipe photos as well. The recipes category and page will be staying with me when I move over my content to the new web domain in June as I really love sharing recipes with you!

Fourth Thing…

What to expect from my lifestyle page: Previously when I intended on having a blog about motherhood, my lifestyle pages content would have consisted of sharing clips into my daily life, my family, and how I go about maintaining organization within our home. However, with the content shift in my blog my lifestyle page will consist more of topics that apply to bettering your health, whether physical or mental. I want to create content relating to things that a person may deal with such as: diet, exercise, anxiety, depression, seasonal depression, meditation, sleep issues, etc. With these topics I will simply be sharing with you the things that work for me or have worked for me in the past. I am not a doctor or medical practitioner and therefore, cannot diagnose or treat another. I simply will be putting out content on the grounds to educate and share my personal stories. Perhaps though, in some way they may help to better whatever conflicts you are struggling with.

Fifth Thing…

Hello new content! (F+F) This is truly what I am most excited for in the 2019 year!!! With all the motherhood related content and pages officially removed, I feel like I can jump right into sharing with you what I am truly passionate about! Aside from sharing recipes with you, I will also be sharing my love of herbalism. From my journey to becoming “A Modern Day Mori Girl aka Herbalist”, to foraging, to gardening, and more! I have never felt more at peace with myself and learning then I have with learning herbalism and I have absolutely been loving my journey! I cannot wait to share with you all the wonderful things the world of herbalism has in store, as well as just bringing a little bit of the forest and nature’s abundance to you.

Mori in Japanese means forest and in Japan mori is also a type of fashion where girls dress in clothing to look like forest wanderers. It’s pretty enchanting actually, however the reason why I refer to myself as “A Modern Day Mori Girl” is because herbalist is just a little too formal for me. I tend to be more free spirited and I feel most as home within a forest… hence Mori Girl. I have lots of content planned for when Spring finally arrives where I live so you will just have to stay tuned! If you are curious as to what F+F stands for, well… you will just have to keep on waiting as the details of the name is still in the works as well, but it not only relates to my herbalism content but the shop page as well.

& Lastly…

The shop page! Another very exciting thing that I will have coming in late 2019 hopefully will be a little shop! Everything is still in the works in regards to this however, so no details will be announced until further notice and no changes will even be started in regards to the “Shop” page until I have switched my content over to its new domain. This is a huge project and task that I am taking on, but it is one I am truly passionate about and excited for and I cannot wait to further share the details, the journey, and it’s destination with you in the future. I am keeping most of it hush hush (including the name) so you will just have to stick around to find out!


I have no doubt that 2019 is going to be full of challenges, however I am looking forward to them as well as looking at them more of ways to grow as a person. I look at the new year as a fresh start to change the things in your life that didn’t work out, work towards the things that you have been working towards, and to have hopes and dreams to keep moving you forwards onto the path of true happiness. I truly hope that you will be here to cherish the moments and celebrate the small accomplishments that come our way. Setting goals that are both big and small are ways to work towards a bigger picture by being both obtainable, as well as having to work towards something. So my friends, here is to 2019!!! Here is to new endeavors, new adventures, new friendships, and new stories!

Until next time, take care.



4 thoughts on “HELLO 2019! HELLO F+F!!!

  1. YASSSS!!! I’m so excited for you!! I’ve been going back and revamping old content as well lately. I rebranded in May last year and it just makes SUCH A difference in how I’ve been approaching things so I am so thrilled for you girl! Looking forward to everything that 2019 has in store from your site!


    1. Thanks so much!!! It is a very exciting moment indeed and that is awesome that you are going back as well! Looks like we are ready for this new year and changes that come with it! I can completely agree that it makes a huge difference in how you approach things, as well as feel when you finally find what makes you happy!

      I cannot wait to share my new content! I have so many ideas!!! I will probably post here and there until spring arrives, however it gives me a chance to changeover everything, as well as update previous work. Recipes will still be coming out though!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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