Having insomnia ever since I was a small child, growing up over the years… I thought eventually it would have gotten better. However… now with a much busier lifestyle, needless to say my insomnia has not improved. Oftentimes reaching a point to where my body just shuts down because it can’t take anymore after two weeks of not sleeping through a single night… it is almost torture. Baggy eyes, constant yawns, an insatiable thirst for anything caffeinated .. sleep deprivation can take a toll on you, both physically and mentally.

Does this sound familiar to you?

While there are many different things to take into account with sleep, I know one main issue  people face is winding down and shutting off those brains. Thinking about all the chores for tomorrow, things you had forgotten about …stuff you want to accomplish, or even thinking about what to cook for dinner the next day…all can leave you laying there in the dark for hours. One thing I have found to help over the years however are sleep aid videos. While there are videos that involve “talking down” and are guided by someones’ voice today I am choosing to focus on other types of videos. 

Today I wanted to share with you my top 5 picks for what I believe to be essential videos for aiding sleep. These videos are life savors when you just cannot seem to wind down. If you  are struggling for a good nights sleep and are in need of a little help, then I highly suggest you keep reading and give each of these videos a try. While one video may work, another may not. I however in today’s post have included a range of different videos for you to try. Also, aside from just sharing 5 videos with you, I also share with you my top 5 tips for using these videos to their fullest potential at the end of this post. 

Disclaimer] I am not a medical practitioner, nor do I pretend to be. This post today is to share my positive experiences and results in an attempt to educate others on something that may work for them. I am not here to diagnose, or treat. Medical evaluations, as well as prescriptions, professional advice, and diagnosis should be given by licensed professionals only. If you are experiencing symptoms that need a diagnosis, please seek professional help in regards to your personal situation.

Also, all videos in this post are not my own, nor do I claim that they are. Each video is linked to the channel and owners they belong to, with accreditation listed by channel name. 

Relaxing Music and Rain: Deep Sleep Music, Piano Music, Meditation Music, Study Music

Channel Name: Soothing Relaxation

Now this video is perfect for those who love the sound of rain. This video was published on October 15, 2017 and currently has slightly less than 2.5 million views. The video imagery centers around being behind a window while the rain falls to the earth and gently drips down the window pane. This music has a combination of both natural sound as well an instrumental sound. The length of the video is just over 3 hours and therefore I highly recommend that you play on a loop if you are using it to sleep to avoid any abrupt awakenings or stirrings. While this is probably my least favorite [I’m just not a rain person] I wanted to include it onto my list because this video works amazingly well for my daughter and husband. The piano music within this video is beautiful and soft as well. Because there are both nature and instrumental sounds, you can choose which to focus on, the rain or the piano… as well as the combination of both. This video or other videos like this would be perfect for couples who have different tastes, as this can work for one who likes nature if the other likes instrumental.

Calming Sleep Music, Relaxing Music, Peaceful Music for Sleeping, Beat Insomnia, Sleep Meditation

Channel Name: Jason Stephenson, Sleep Meditation Music

This video was published on November 28, 2018 and currently has almost 1.1 million views. The duration of this video is 10 hours which is amazing for overnight playing! This music video is beautiful on it’s own. It gives you the feeling that you are flying throughout the night sky towards an uncharted adventure. [very Peter Pan essence] The video is beautifully created. Imagine soft floating clouds passing underneath of you, you can see another world in the sky as the stars dance and light their way towards your destination. This music video also contains binaural beats. Binaural beats are considered an auditory illusion created by having different sound frequencies playing into each ear. Binaural beats have been used throughout time to treat conditions of stress and anxiety as well. Out of all of the videos that I am listing today, this video is my favorite. There is just something calming, beautiful, and almost ethereal about it so I highly recommend trying this one out.

Beautiful Japanese Music | Japanese Koto | Relaxing, Ambient, Instrumental

Channel Name: Soul Candle

This video was published on July 5, 2017 and currently has around 3.6 million views.  This video is a real treat, but may not be for everyone. If you however, enjoy the Japanese or Asian culture, give this music a try! Part of this music has been created with the use of a koto. A Koto is a Japanese stringed instrument that is the length of over 70 inches! This music is perfect for either when you are awake or when you are asleep. Whenever I make Asian food for dinner I play this music in the background to give that restaurant feel to the home. However when going to sleep it’s great to wind down to. Something about the music reminds you of Spring or Summer, which is why this video is great for the winter! [relieve those winter blues!] This video is short however, at only an hour long so it will need to be played on a loop if you are using it to sleep with, to avoid any stirring or sudden awakening. The video itself isn’t anything too special as it is simply a standstill image, however I love the image that was chosen, as it gives off a Japanese festival feel to it.

8 Hours of Beautiful Piano Music: Sleep Music, Fall Asleep, Relaxing Music, Sleeping Music

Channel Name: Soothing Relaxation

This video was published on April 1, 2018 and currently has almost 4 million views. This video as well is just slightly over 8 hours. [Perfect for overnight!] The creator of this music is Peder B Helland and I can honestly say his channel is probably my favorite thus far. All of his pieces are beautifully created. In this video the key element is a beautiful, slowly played piano. The video is a little different from Peter’s usual live nature clip theme as well, as this one is a beautiful graphic with parts of the graphic animated. Looking at the video clip alone is enough to soothe anyone. It features what I think is a young traveler traveling under the stars in his small boat. The soft waves lap against the side while fireflies light up all around him. It actually will make you wish that you would be able to see such a beautiful sight. The music is very calming and has a nice lullaby feel to it as well which makes this suitable to younger children.

Deep Sleep Music and Nature Sounds – Zen Garden HD Relaxing

Channel Name: 321 Relaxing – Meditation Relax Clips

This video was published on June 1, 2016 and currently had just over 1 million views. This video has just slightly over 8 hours of playtime, which is perfect for overnight playing. The video consists of a live clip in a Japanese garden overviewing a pond. The video is tranquil and full of lush greenery which I find comforting during the cold wet winter months here in the midwest. If you look a little closer you can even see a waterfall flowing…hidden behind the rocks and trees. Look closer and you can see birds hopping from tree to tree as well. In this video you get a lovely medley of sounds, from trickling water, to birds chirping, and a beautiful flute and piano combination. It’s tranquil, it’s calming, and this video is comforting to those who love nature and lovely weather.

Tips for reaching these videos fullest potential:

Sleep in a cool environment: No one likes to sweat in bed after all. Your bodies internal clock also feels like something is wrong if your body temperature gets too warm, causing you to stir or even wake up. At night turn down your heat or bump your ac up so that you are sleeping in a cool environment. This will allow you to warm up under the sheets creating that good, happy, and fuzzy feeling you get when you are comfortable and will allow for better sleep. If you have little ones that require their rooms to stay nice and cozy, consider opening your personal bedroom windows or using a fan to control the temperature in your room, while you keep your little darling[s] cozy in theirs.

Sleep in a clean & tranquil space: If you are the type of person who stresses out over a dirty or cluttered environment, then this tip is for you. Make sure at night before bed your room is peaceful and tranquil. This means having the bed made, perhaps the sheets sprayed with a calming linen spray. Cleaning up any messes, vacuuming, etc will help you to rest easy, and stress less about your sleep environment. In the mornings when you first wake up, you can easily pick up your space, as well as make the bed that way it is ready for you and you don’t have to worry about tidying up after a long day of work.

Rest your eyes in a dark room: The darker your room is the better. It has been proven that lights from televisions, computers, and cell phones can keep the brain wired and your eyes awake longer. This hinders having a good rest. Try to keep your room as dark as possible. If you must be on an electrical device, turn the light settings down or to “Night Mode.” This will change your light from a blue hue to an orange hue. Not only is this easier on the eyes, but this will send signals to your brain that it is time for rest and it will keep your internal clock from becoming confused.

Play each video at the perfect volume: This is so important. When playing these videos, they work best if you have them playing at the appropriate volume. What is that volume you ask? Let me answer that for you. When laying in bed, figure out where the sound will be coming from. Is it coming from your nightstand next to you with your phone? Is it coming from across the bedroom on a dresser? Once you have a dedicated space where the music will play, you will only want the volume loud enough to hear everything, but just barely. Think like a whisper. It isn’t loud, but you want to make sure you heard everything right? That is the same for these videos. Too loud, may keep you awake. Too quiet, may keep you awake because you are trying to figure out what the heck the noise or music is. This will require you to play around. Make sure if you are a side sleeper that you can hear it through one ear, but it isn’t too loud if you end up on your back.

Just, breathe: At the start of the video focus on your breathing. Take a very deep breathe in and hold for as long as you possibly can. When you feel that you can no longer hold your breath in, very very slowly release. When you breathe in bring your shoulders to your ears and when you breathe out slowly pull those shoulders back down to the resting position. Repeat four more times. I really feel like this breathing technique not only works to relax oneself, but it also releases any lasting tension or stress that was carried to bed.

Be sure to check these videos out and give them a try when trying to fall asleep tonight! I do want to mention that there will be certain noises and certain sounds unique to every person that will awaken, stress, calm, and relax. While some may find the sound of water relaxing, others may relax to the sound of a fire burning or birds chirping. While some will hate the sound of a thunderstorm, others will be lulled to sleep by it. Be sure to try other videos and play around, find what works for you and what you enjoy. Let me know which video you enjoyed! Also, be sure to share a video that you have found and loved! I am always looking to expand and broaden my nighttime musical playlist! Wishing you a peaceful nights sleep and much needed rest.

Until next time, take care.


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