Today I wanted to talk to you about cookies! Light and fluffy, ooey and gooey, or crisp and crunchy… when it comes to cookies we all have a preference on how we like them. Growing up my mom would always make the best chocolate chip cookies. They were flatter, crispy on the outside, and gooey in the middle. No matter what I would do however to replicate them, mine would always turn out puffy. [I don’t like puffy cookies at all] We would go over every little step she would do and even though I would replicate to the best of my ability, they would always turn out the same.

Needless to say I needed a new recipe.

The recipe I will be sharing with you today is my ultimate go-to recipe when I am needing something to curb my sweet tooth. My cookies are flatter, crispy and crunchy. [Think Tate’s Bake Shop.] If those are the sort of cookies you like then keep on reading, because these are for you! Also I want to mention real quick that these cookies taste and turn out the same whether you use gluten free flour or regular, so they make the best of both worlds. Take a look below for the recipe and I hope you enjoy!


Recipe creates: 15 cookies
Prep time: 10 minutes
Cook time: 10-13 minutes per batch


1 1/8 Cups flour
1/2 Tsp salt
1/2 Tsp baking soda
1/2 Egg
2 Tbsp milk
3/4 tsp vanilla
1 Stick salted butter
1/2 Cup white sugar
1/4 Cup brown sugar
3/4 Cup chocolate chips [I used a combo of dark & semi]
1/4 Cup toffee bits


  • Pre heat your oven to 375.
  • In a bowl whisk with a fork together your flour, salt, and baking soda
  • In another bowl whisk together your egg, milk, and vanilla
  • Melt your butter in the microwave [1 minute or so]
  • Pour your white sugar and brown sugar on top of the melted butter and stir to combine. Let cool to room temp before moving onto the next step.
  • Gently combine your egg, milk, and vanilla into the butter and sugar mixture. 
  • Using a hand mixer or a kitchen aid, pour liquids into dry and beat on medium and then high, ONLY long enough to combine. Scrap bowl to incorporate anything that may have stuck to the sides. 
  • Add in your chocolate chips and toffee bits. Combine entirely.
  • Using a large sheet pan, either spray with pam or line with parchment paper.[The toffee bits will cause sticking otherwise.] Place tsp [Not Tbsp] sized scoops onto the baking sheet 3 inches apart. [These cookies are extremely thin when baked. If you try to make large cookies, they will break trying to get off the baking sheet.]
  • Bake in the oven for 10-13 minutes, or until golden brown. Remove from oven and wait a minute before removing from the sheet pan. [These cookies are extremely soft when they come out of the oven but crisp and firm up shortly after removal. Place cookies on a cooling rack or newspaper. 

There you have it! Delicious homemade crispy and crunchy toffee chipped cookies that are perfect for dipping in a glass of milk! These cookies are buttery and rich thanks to the brown sugar and toffee, but not too sweet due to using the dark and semi sweet chips combined. I am not going to lie, I have a hard time stopping myself at eating only a few…. and I usually will attempt to eat these until I get sick. Be sure to give this recipe a shot and let me know how what type of cookies do you like? What is your absolute favorite cookie? 

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Until next time, take care.

To make gluten free]
– Switch out regular flour for the same amount of Bob’s Red Mill 1:1 G.F. all purpose flour
– Leave in the baking soda.


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