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My name is Shauna and I am the sole worker bee of Shauna LeAnn Blogs. I live a very cherished life with my handsome husband, my darling daughter, and our fluff nugget[cat] Haru. Together, we all dwell comfortably in our cozy little home in Illinois. While my husband works in finances, I work outdoors as an animal care provider to about 50 horses/ponies, as well as farm animals like cows, sheeps, goats, ducks, chickens, and many more. Before I worked with animals however, I spent a good chunk of my career working in the food industry. Both animals and food are my passion, as well as my connections that tie me close to nature and have given me appreciation for this beautiful, lush, green playground that we get to call our home. 

That appreciation of nature has sparked compassion for all living creatures. That compassion has sparked passion and joy within me, and that joy I would love to share with you. Hence… Shauna LeAnn Blogs was created. While big changes are happening with Shauna LeAnn Blogs in the 2019 year [including a name/domain change in June/July] the content of my blog will remain the same. Shauna LeAnn Blogs is a place to relax, to unwind, and to re-connect with nature. It is also a great place to learn new things! Here you will find all of my content broken into the following three categories: Lifestyle, Recipes, and Flora&Fauna.

Please take a look below for more information regarding each:


Daily life stresses can really do a number on us. Not just on our mind, but our bodies as well. There is no doubt that people are feeling more stressed than ever, but stress comes at a price, not only to your mental health but to your physical body as well. Things like anxiety and depression can occur over time through daily stresses and issues arise like seasonal affective disorder during the change of the season or due to a busy life schedule sleep issues may arise. Regardless of the stressor here… I will share with you the steps I take in life to ensure less stress. Some of these topics include breathing techniques, yoga, and meditation. Other topics include relaxation music, talk down sleep videos, and reviews on products that have been known to have positive effects on one’s physical or mental health. If you are focused on stepping back, relaxing a little, and focusing on bettering your health, this is the place for you to be. 


Now it wouldn’t be a blog for me if I didn’t share with you my immense passion and love for cooking. I have been cooking since I was a child and I spent a good decade working in the food industry. Needless to say for work or for fun, when it comes to food and cooking I don’t think I could ever tire of it. Here on Shauna LeAnn Blogs I share with you all of my recipes that either have been in my family or been passed down to me, as well as the majority of recipes that I have created over the many years of cooking. Here on my blog you will be able to find literally everything! Italian food, Tex-Mex, American Inspired, Asian food…. baking breads, pies, cakes, cookies. Summer salads and winter soups. Drinks even. There will definitely be a little something here for everyone. Aside from recipes however, I also share here with you tips and tricks when cooking. How to get into cooking, as well as reviews on products used in the kitchen that help make your life easier. If it is food related, you will find it here under my recipe page. Also, I usually cook gluten free! This means every time I post a recipe on Shana LeAnn Blogs, I post [In green font] what you can do to make the recipe gluten free. Be sure to check them out!


Flora&Fauna is my baby here on Shauna LeAnn Blogs. It has not only been a long time passion for me, but it has grown so much over the years that I cannot wait to share all sorts of wonderful, enriching content with you! Everything from growing herbs, as well as growing  produce, to teaching you about herbs and their affinities to nurture, strengthen, calm, and bring balance back into the body. Taking walks in the forest, appreciating nature, it’s creatures, and foraging for wild edibles along the way is something you can expect to find under the Flora&Fauna page. If you have a passion for plants, then I suggest you stick around as a lot of my content within Flora&Fauna will be centered around the study of Herbalism. Also, the love for our plants pollinators: the bees, the butterflies, and the hummingbirds are just some of the other topics you can look forward to here on Shauna LeAnn Blogs. If you are looking to re connect with the outdoors, to find peace and tranquility within nature, then please be sure to check back to this page often. I will always have something special for you here, that is for sure.
*Flora&Fauna will come to life – Spring 2019*


My wish for you when visiting Shauna LeAnn Blogs is that you receive happiness and joy from being here. That we can connect and grow this community together… and that I am able to help you grow in some way, whether it is learning to cook or learning a new recipe, whether I have helped you to ease daily stresses that may have built up over time, or that you were able to obtain knowledge, love, and compassion for nature. Whether that means learning to garden yourself, learning and appreciating affinities of herbs and how they can help restore balance to the body, helping you discover a passion for the field of herbalism. Here at Shauna LeAnn Blogs… you aren’t rushed. Take you time, look around, relax, and learn something or just appreciate some of the little things in life with me. More importantly: 

Let’s become friends!

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Much love, Shauna.